World Computer Security Day

It’s a 30th anniversary of the event this year.

Cyber Monday: if you didn’t have time on Friday…

Monday after American Thanksgiving Day is called Cyber Monday. This day and Black Friday give rise to a large-scale sales season, not only in the USA but also in many European countries.

Getting ready for Black Friday

How service sites and online stores survive the surge in traffic during sales

International Accounting Day

The fundamentals of bookkeeping have changed little since the time of Pacioli, while the tools for the work of an accountant have undergone a greater transformation.

IT proficiency: system analyst

The 24th of October is celebrated as a professional System Analyst day. We will tell who can party today.

10 Bugs to Remember

We congratulate the tireless bug hunters and wish them not to allow any critical error to the releases!

Happy Blog Day!

Dear bloggers, as well as all the others who somehow relate to the topic of blogs — we congratulate you on the holiday!

Massive cloud growth in 2018 versus not-dead-yet data center needs

Cloud adoption rates keep steaming ahead with growth predictions in 2018 exceeding 40 percent, supported by continued adoption in the enterprise.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our friends and congratulations on the incoming eastern zodiac’s Year of the Earth Dog!

Host-Telecom World Tour 2017 – Data infrastructure for the cloud

It’s been a very busy year for Host-Telecom, though we didn’t realize when we started it out that we’d travel the world on our mission to promote the best in data infrastructure.

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