Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our friends and congratulations on the incoming eastern zodiac’s Year of the Earth Dog!

Host-Telecom World Tour 2017 – Data infrastructure for the cloud

It’s been a very busy year for Host-Telecom, though we didn’t realize when we started it out that we’d travel the world on our mission to promote the best in data infrastructure.

Creating cloud object storage infrastructure without getting hurt

When creating cloud object storage with open source software, a strong understanding of the underlying hardware infrastructure is key to creating a high-functioning, scalable solution.

Download from Down Under: OpenStack Summit Sydney Day 3

We had a great time meeting our colleagues and talking to attendees about the kinds of solutions they are looking for and the solutions we need to develop.

Download from Down Under: OpenStack Summit Sydney Day 2

Moving into our second day in Sydney, our coverage extended to chats with analysts, an OpenStack PTL and some industry luminaries.

The downlow from Down Under at Day 1 of the OpenStack Summit in Sydney

With our mascot, Kangy the Kangaroo, we at Host-Telecom have been bouncing our way around the marketplace on the first day of the OpenStack Summit.

All packed for Sydney and ready to meet the community!

Host-Telecom is very excited to join the OpenStack community at the OpenStack Sydney Summit next week to share our IT infrastructure solutions with you and learn about the initiatives you are engaged in as well.

Data backup, disaster recovery & migration powered by OpenStack

We run OpenStack cloud on bare metal in our data centers so users can take advantage of the flexibility, power, and stability of an open source platform.

Please allow me to introduce ourselves

Whether we’re people of wealth and taste is debatable, but we have been around for a long time enabling OpenStack on bare metal.

Beat ransomware attacks to the punch

At first glance, the issue would seem to be the ransomware cost, but the more serious problem is the downtime and subsequent revenue loss.

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