Regular income

through rewards and discounts

A fine opportunity to earn

by providing extra services to your clients without investing into infrastructure and its maintenance

White Label

an opportunity to earn more


configurations and prices for each partner

Partner payments

lifelong monthly

It’s convenient

  • An opportunity to get a whole scope of hosting services in Europe from one provider
  • Personal manager for urgent consultations on all aspects of partner interaction (private contact via the manager’s phone, skype, email)
  • Consultations and customized technical solutions for every order from the partners and their clients

We are safe and reliable

  • Professional technical support 24/7/365 for all the projects we host
  • Hosting infrastructure in Tier-III data centres in Europe with 99,98% availability
  • The company’s own data centres in the Czech Republic, with our own technical support
  • Data security, physical and legal safety of the clients' information resources when hosting in Europe
  • Migration of information resources to Europe and legal assistance
  • The company’s own security service that helps to keep your data safe and does not provide information upon request from another country

The terms and conditions of the partner program

Product / service Partner’s commission depends on the total monthly payment of the partner or from the attracted clients
Lvl I monthly paymt. up to €1 500 Lvl II monthly paymt. up to €3 000 Lvl III monthly paymt. over €3 000
«VIRTUAL» virtual server hosting (VDS) on XEN 20% 30% 40%
«HARDWARE» hosting of dedicated servers, storages and infrastructure 15% 20% 25%
«CLOUDS» cloud hosting, cloud services 10% 15% 20%
  • Three 50% discount promo codes for the first payment for attracted clients
  • Upon reaching 10+ clients - a dedicated server as a present

    Provided on request. The exploitation period is 6 months. The free period is prolonged for another 6 months if there are 10+ clients at the moment when the free period ends

  • Server on request without prepayment

    Non-prepaid urgent server (cloud resources) installation with payment by installments up to 20 consecutive days

  • Virtual server XEN2 provided for free

    The term is 6 months (the free period is prolonged for another 6 months at +3 clients/orders over the current occupation. In addition, the free period can be extended due to the advertising and social activity of the partner.

  • Personal manager

    Your personal manager is always in contact, ready to give consultations to you and your client and offer a custom solution


While the attracted clients are using the services, the partner is receiving agent’s commission

The remuneration is transferred to the client’s billing account and can be spent for the payment of hosting services or siphoned off to the partner’s account in any payment system

With the new orders from a client or with a growing configuration, the commission is raised

Schemes of interaction


a partner brings clients to the provider and receives the interest

White Label

A partner provides services on their own behalf. The partner registers clients in billing and and pays for its services with the fixed discounts. The partner on their own decides upon the price of the services for the clients and provides support

How to become a partner

Fill in the registration form (see below) or send your application to, providing the following details:

We will definitely contact you to discuss all details of forging a partner agreement. Regard the opportunity to forge the agreement on special terms and conditions. A partner can be both a company (web studio, software developer, 1C provider, integrator, cloud services provider, hosting services reseller, etc) and an individual (the terms to be discussed).