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Host-Telecom.com has been active in the Czech IT market for more than ten years, beginning with the 2006 launch of our first data center in České Budějovice. In 2015 we launched our second data center in Veselí nad Lužnicí, with a third data center on target for completion in 2018. Host-Telecom.com currently offers our clients more than 400 server racks for a total of 16,800 units, with direct fibers to main IX points in Prague, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

The Host-Telecom.com advantage

Pavel Chernobrov
Pavel Chernobrov
Data center expert,
founder and CEO of Host-Telecom.com

Host-Telecom.com offers our customers a distinct advantage. While we provide the best in infrastructure technology and services, we also emphasize our personal relationship with you, listening and working with you one-on-one to create the right solutions for your specific needs.

Host-Telecom.com founder and CEO, Pavel Chernobrov, created and continues to preserve the company’s customer-centric culture. In his early career, he worked on infrastructure projects in both Silicon Valley as well as the Czech Republic, forming the values of technical excellence with a strong foundation on customer communication. Chernobrov holds a Ph.D. from Lomonosov Moscow State University, where he conducted research on mobile services in mass media.

Lessons from Silicon Valley - Why the data center matters

A robust physical infrastructure is the backbone of software excellence, Chernobrov maintains, citing his experience in Silicon Valley as a major influence on his view that hardware and operations expertise is vitally important in an industry that tends to focus much more on software.

Infrastructure has a much longer lifespan than software, he notes, and it’s that infrastructure that enables constant software innovations. Whether the hot new technology centers around mobile services, cloud, online retail, or an as-yet-undiscovered market, Host-Telecom.com’s mission is to create an infrastructure that is ready to support it.

Building Tier III-based solutions with an expert team

With priorities set, Chernobrov began to create and refine infrastructure projects, and by 2006 had recruited an expert team of engineers, managers, administrators, and support service specialists to construct a high-performance environment. Together, our team has built two Tier III-based data centers that provide a redundant delivery path for power and cooling that enables component shutdown and maintenance without interrupting operations.

Evangelizing infrastructure and cloud

Keeping the data center environment top-of-mind, Host-Telecom.com is active in the cloud community. Chernobrov addressed the importance of the underlying hardware infrastructure to build and operate cloud solutions at OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015, while the Host-Telecom.com team was actively involved in OpenStack Day Prague.

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