About Host-telecom.com

Host-telecom.com is a leading provider of IT infrastructure organization services in data centers of the Czech Republic and offers hosting and colocation services.

With strong technical backgrounds and Data Center connectivity, we are among the key infrastructure providers in Central Europe for local and international customers.

Host-telecom.com advantages

Pavel Chernobrov
Pavel Chernobrov
Data Center Expert and Enthusiast
Founder and CEO of Host-telecom.com

Host-telecom.com services support your business to be connected globally, quickly and securely. We also believe in the business relationship, where communication is an integral part of the relationship with our customers and is an essential part of every partnership.

We consistently set expectations with our customers before starting cooperation, looking at their needs, weaknesses of the existing solution, and how we can help. We think about each customer individually what type of solutions would benefit them.

Founder and CEO of Host-telecom.com, Pavel Chernobrov, created and continues to preserve the company’s customer-centric culture. He also sees the need for the importance of operating hardware and infrastructure in the current IT world, which tends to focus increasingly on software.

Why Data Centers play an important role?

We live in a digital world; connected cars, smart technologies, smart cities which generate enormous volumes of big data.

Data centers will continue to remain a strategic key to optimize data, providing disaster recovery and business continuity for critical business services.

Infrastructure has a much longer lifespan than software, and it’s that physical infrastructure that enables constant software innovations and is the backbone of software excellence.

Our mission is to create an infrastructure that is ready to manage your data as effectively as possible.

Building Tier III based solutions

Technology and globalization led to a digital transformation, where customers don’t want to worry about software updates and service downtimes.

Tier III based data centers provide a redundant delivery path for power and cooling that enables component shutdown and maintenance without interrupting operations.

Cloud Adoption

Data centers are the future of our digital lives. Host-Telecom.com is active in the cloud community and address the importance of cloud adoption and data migration to cloud solutions.

DC-specialists from Host-telecom.com participate in community discussions and exchange experience in the field of cloud computing, understanding the importance of open-source and participating in OpenStack Days.

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