Professional Intel Xeon Processors: Are They Just A Whim Or A Necessity?

Professional Intel Xeon Processors: Are They Just A Whim Or A Necessity?

In a real-case scenario, Puget Systems has proven the difference between Intel processors for PCs and servers. The article aims to help the client make the best choice when looking for a server.

Many people do not pay enough attention to the type of processor when picking a hosting server, which, however, differs in the purpose of use: Core are designed for a personal computer and a laptop, and Xeon are professional ones employed to solve complex problems and are used in data centers.

Server processors, obviously, are intended to be faster and more reliable. However, is it true that any processor created for a personal computer is of low quality? Apparently not. Yes, the legal costs of a process manufacturing business in the event of a public server failure due to its fault are significantly more than the legal costs of a personal laptop failure, but this is far from the primary point on the topic of processor types.

Puget Systems went beyond broad categories to illustrate the difference. The findings of the study conducted in 2021 revealed the statistics of the following processor problems:

  • Manufacturing flaws discovered during pre-sale inspections;
  • Customer claims related to breakdowns during operation.

More detailed analytical data and data for other components are available in the public domain (in English).

When it comes to the processors:

  • 5.25 percent of faults were discovered before the sale of 11th Gen Intel Core processors (new desktop processors), whereas 1.32 percent were discovered afterward.
  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors: before sale - 0.33%, after — 0%;
  • and finally, Intel Xeon W-2200 server processors showed no defects at all — the result in both cases is 0%.

Not all faults can be found before a sale, and not every vendor performs a component pre-sale inspection. As a result, the result is highly conditional, particularly in the “before sale” category, and it can be securely added to the “after” result.

The buyer always has the ultimate say-so when selecting a server processor. But consider these figures again: are you willing to take a minor but significant risk by reposing professional tasks to non-core equipment?

Only high-quality professional equipment is used in the construction of our servers: RAM with automated error correction (ECC), powerful and reliable server processors. Our professionals are always delighted to have you as a client on our servers.

We provide dedicated servers throughout Europe and round-the-clock technical support in Czech, English, and Russian.


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