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Managing your IT infrastructure

Now more than ever, market leaders are in need of an integrated IT strategy that is flexible enough to contain a simple roadmap for digital transformation and business development.

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You do your business, we care about your IT infrastructure.


Be pragmatic, pass your infrastructure to the hands of professionals.


Get everything your equipment can do.


Your business will benefit from this!

What are you getting?


Reduced time to market

Our clients plan to implement new solutions not in the perspective of months and years, as it was before. Now the account goes for weeks or even days. Learn how to upgrade your business today with our scalable infrastructure and automation systems.

Predictable ROI

When you do not need to create and maintain an enterprise IT infrastructure, your organization can focus on what really matters: working with clients and improving business processes, marketing and employee incentive programs. Turn major capital costs into managed operating costs! The Host-telecom team will build and maintain your IT infrastructure both on their own data center and on-premise.

Features of Managed Services (Managing your IT infrastructure): monitors your infrastructure, preventing problems, not solving them. Our monitoring system works around the clock, providing automatic alerts about the state of the infrastructure of customers in real time. No longer is it necessary to worry about the infrastructure, since it is in the reliable hands of specialists 24/7.
Working with the experts of Host-telecom, you can redistribute the valuable resources of your IT professionals to strategic business initiatives, as well as increase the productivity and performance of corporate users. Our staff will promptly resolve all requests for changes from your users, as well as provide full maintenance of your infrastructure.
Your personal manager understands the structure and objectives of the company, and is responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of your infrastructure, as well as for your pleasure of working with us.
SLA compliance reports, as well as data on the activity of using your infrastructure, will allow you to forecast the load, refine and adapt your IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your business. To reach new heights you need not only to set goals, but also to select the appropriate equipment!
We document all processes, maintain a task log, log all actions related to the management of your infrastructure. This is done in order to ensure full transparency of work and processes.
Highly qualified specialists of our support service will ensure the smooth operation of your infrastructure and the solution of non-standard problems. We will find a common language with you: English, Czech or Russian.


This is our commitment to you. For the observance of the declared level of service we are responsible for our reputation and money. Always.

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