Three people got injured in an explosion at a Google data center

An explosion occurred at a Google data center in Iowa, leaving 3 electricians hospitalized with severe injuries.

Professional Intel Xeon Processors: Are They Just A Whim Or A Necessity?

In a real-case scenario, Puget Systems has proven the difference between Intel processors for PCs and servers. The article aims to help the client make the best choice when looking for a server.

Further on without creator: Igor Sysoev suddenly left his legendary web server

Igor Sysoev, the founder of Nginx, leaves the project after 20 years of work on it. This article tells about the history of the creation and development of the server, significant shareholders, the repurchase of the platform and the reasons for Igor’s departure.

Happy New Year 2022!

May this New Year continue strengthening the bond of mutual trust and respect that we have for each other.

Windows Server License: Rent or Buy?

A server without specialized software is just a powerful computer. Special server versions of operating systems and applications are provided for servers.

Prague has become a center for European space research

According to Raymond Johnston, the Czech Republic has become a key country in the European Union’s growing space research.

Misconfigured clouds cause huge losses to companies

DivvyCloud has published a report showing the extent of companies’ losses caused by errors in public cloud services configuration.

OVHcloud, a large cloud provider, lost its data center in France by fire

A fire in several of the company’s data centers in Strasbourg led to downtime for many sites and services around the world.

Happy New Year 2021!

We wish you happy holidays and success in the new year! Remember that we are always there, guarding your IT infrastructure, believe in the best, and remain ready for anything.

OpenSSF Will Protect Open Source Software

The Linux Foundation has pioneered the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) project in order to improve the security of open source software.

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