Colocation is a great money-saver, especially if you have thirty or more servers on your site. Colocating your servers in our Czech data centres is a great way to reduce costs. In addition, our data centres have direct channels to mainstream Internet exchange centres for stable, speedy Internet connections.

With your physical environment taken care of, you can modify the configuration to meet your evolving requirements, including:

  • Arranging server and storage disk placement.
  • Creating and expanding server clusters.
  • Customizing connections and cabling to create the environment appropriate for your needs, no matter how complex.

Advantages in the Czech data centres

Nestled in the geographical heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is in close proximity to the continent’s Internet exchange points in Prague, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Nuclear energy in the Czech Republic keeps electricity prices relatively low in our energy-hungry data centres.

In addition, the town of Veselí nad Lužnicí, home to one of these data centres is well-situated on the main artery between Prague and our headquarters in České Budějovice. Equipment delivery is fast and easy in this lightly-industrialized area, so you realize great savings with fast, reliable Internet connectivity, low energy costs, and speedy delivery times operating from Europe or Asia.

Colocation and flexible storage

When you colocate your servers with Host-Telecom, determining storage space can be a challenge. You may need additional space for a few months or just a few days, and buying disk space can get expensive.

You can easily extend and reduce storage volume as needed with Host-Telecom, without the cost of disk or block device purchase and maintenance. We provide the volume you need for agility and speed.