Easy, affordable Disaster Recovery is also path to OpenStack migration

Easy, affordable Disaster Recovery is also path to OpenStack migration

"Our industry does not respect tradition - it only respects innovation." - Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

The CEO of Microsoft uttered that phrase as he greeted his employees in 2014 for the first time, implying that no successful company can rest on its laurels and remain competitive. Never was this more true than with new technologies that are making business processes much more secure, flexible, and profitable. Cloud is a prime example of course, with OpenStack cloud a strong alternative to costly commercial distributions.

SMBs are not exactly beating down the cloud door, citing financial and security concerns, while conversely, the enterprise is moving at a relatively faster clip to adopt it. Here you’ll learn why you can depend on the security and cost-effectiveness of Disaster Recovery based on OpenStack from Host-Telecom in partnership with Hystax. When you have the chance to evaluate its advantages, you’ll feel confident to take the next step for a fast, easy, and affordable migration to OpenStack that uses the same Disaster Recovery technology.

OpenStack cloud reality vs hype

Before we even consider OpenStack migration, strong disaster recovery is critical no matter what environment you work in when you can’t afford to be down for an hour, let alone a day or a week.

As an SMB decision-maker, you may have concerns about the security and reliability of cloud, which though largely unfounded, may give you pause even as you consider its optimized processes and in particular, OpenStack cloud’s more affordable operations expenditures. So let’s address that.

How Disaster Recovery works and saves you money

Disaster Recovery offers replication of VMware, vSphere, Hyper-V, OpenStack, and Virtuozzo workloads in our OpenStack cloud. You have immediate access to your data store as well as your IT system in case of failure, enabled by our specialized software that modifies your data format to run seamlessly in the OpenStack environment. You continue to operate within minutes rather than hours or days, minimizing both Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Object (RPO) without a hit to revenue.

If you should then decide to migrate to OpenStack, you are prepared at any time without architecture redesigns, data modifications, or the considerable testing usually required when moving to a new environment. Migration from VMware is currently enabled, and we are finalizing software agents to enable migration from several other platforms soon.

Once you’re officially running in OpenStack you are free from commercial platforms’ software licensing costs, which have unfortunately made those platforms prohibitively expensive, especially for SMBs. OpenStack offers a much more flexible environment to create the IT infrastructure that best suits the needs of your organization, which Host-Telecom can also help you to design and implement.

Make the most of your IT Infrastructure

While we’ve focused on Disaster Recovery, we know it is just a part of your overall business goal to provide increased customer service with seamless operations that make you more profitable. That means creating and maintaining a powerful IT infrastructure.

If you’re building and maintaining your own IT infrastructure but you’re not in the infrastructure business, give us a call (+420 391 000 777) or shoot us an email (info@host-telecom.com) to learn about the efficiencies you can realize in both CapEx and OpEx when you work with us.

Our rates include hardware and software licensing for multiple servers to enable replication, compression, as well as server installation and maintenance. As a bulk server buyer, we pass the server savings to you, and you pay only for the computing power, adding Disaster Recovery options if you want them, allowing you to grow data volumes steadily at a predictable price without building, maintaining, and upgrading your own site.

Why Host-Telecom?

OpenStack cloud infrastructure security, like traditional IT security, depends almost entirely on the expertise of the architects who build and operate the software and data infrastructure solutions.

At Host-Telecom, we devote our resources to providing a high-functioning, secure data infrastructure. This is our business and our speciality, not just another task. We work with a variety of customers who depend on our infrastructure design and maintenance for business-critical production environments that are affordable and secure. A little investigation into cloud and willingness to transform the IT infrastructure has a big payoff with fewer actual risks than traditional solutions.


Denise Boehm

Denise Boehm


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