Container as a Service

Containers as a Service (CaaS) is a form of container-based virtualization in which containers, orchestration and basic computing resources are provided to users by a cloud provider.

With CaaS, users can manage containers: upload them to the provider's cloud, start and stop, scale, using both the provider API and the web portal interface. Users only pay for the computing resources used (if the cloud: vCPU, RAM, Storage, IP, or pay for the selected hardware), load balancing and load planning capabilities.

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What is Caas?

CaaS is a cloud service model that allows users to manage and deploy containers, applications, and clusters through container-based virtualization.

In the spectrum of cloud computing services, CaaS is somewhere between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as Service (PaaS). However, CaaS is most often positioned as a type of IaaS.

The main resource for CaaS is the container, not virtual machines (VMs) or physical servers that are used to support IaaS environments. The container can work both in the virtual machine and on the hardware.

For whom is CaaS?

For IT departments and developers

When creating secure and scalable container applications.

Our service is designed so that you can easily automate application lifecycle management (from deployment to shutdown).

We suggest using the built-in toolkit for:

  • managing the internal registry, creating images of containers
  • secure distribution of container images
  • secure interaction with them
  • secure use of trusted images and applications from the Host-telecom directory.

to reduce time to market

The ready-made capabilities of the platform allow customers to implement enterprise-level orchestration using Kubernetes, deploy fault-tolerant container services, and develop in a reliable computing environment.

to join forces

Thanks to our service, DevOps engineers are involved in the optimization of application lifecycle management.

The service unites developers and maintenance specialists on a single unified container platform that helps to save time in the development, implementation and operation of applications. This also simplifies the deployment of microservices.

What are you getting?

A reliable service of working with containers from Host-telecom Cloud Container Infrastructure provides an easy and fast way to create an enterprise-level container infrastructure.

The service is integrated with the Host-telecom Cloud and provides tools for building, deploying, organizing, and managing Kubernetes-based Docker containers for applications designed specifically for the cloud (cloud-native applications).

Quickly and effectively scale your business applications to maximize the use of resources without having to disable your applications. Also, all applications are protected against infrastructure failures. Scale the basic infrastructure to meet the growing business needs.

The entire container infrastructure is designed for you to provide flexibility and customization. Of course, we also provide Platform Managed Services to help you concentrate as much as possible on developing applications that are important to the success of your business.

The ability to quickly deploy containers from the application directory or use their own. The infrastructure is ready for any load.

A simple usage interface that will allow you to quickly create and use your container infrastructure.

Whether it's development or testing, staging or production, a portal and other tools provide everything you need to work effectively. Test it now!

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