Cloud Disaster Recovery, DRaaS

We offer an option to expedite your business’ return to normal after a possible data security incident with our Disaster Recovery Service. It provides not only immediate access to data backups, but immediate data deployment in our data centre, greatly reducing downtime even if your IT infrastructure fails.

DR infrastructure as a lab

You can also use the Disaster Recovery Service infrastructure to test new applications such as CRM systems, for example.

As you get to know us, we are confident you’ll want to take advantage of the other enhanced service offerings that will increase security and uptime recovery.

Keep in mind that you can use your rented servers as a lab for new application development as well as operations. Your DevOps and QA engineers benefit from the solution even as you monetize its other advantages.

In case of emergency

In a catastrophic case, you can almost immediately switch into backup infrastructure without a blip in real-time service. This service is a type of IaaS, providing a hardware + virtualization platform. As such, medium-large businesses already using a virtualization platform find it particularly useful.

Synchronization is set to the location of your choice and recovery depends only on downstream speed/channel speed and the volume of the updated data. In an emergency, switching to reserve power can proceed in semi-automated mode.

With the high costs of downtime, fast system accessibility in addition to data recovery is crucial to the bottom-line. Investing in disaster recovery services pays for itself over and over again, especially when accompanied by our expert support for infrastructure performance as well as availability.

VMware SRM vs OpenStack DR

If you’re already using VMware vSphere and want to address disaster recovery without paying for yet more license fees and additional support for VMware Site Recovery Manager, we have your covered!

This OpenStack-based offering provides disaster recovery for your IT infrastructure the moment that your data and applications are working deployed in the backup cloud we provide. They automatically synchronize with your VMware vSphere virtual platform even if the current license has lapsed and you have not renewed it.

Using VMware vSphere-based virtual platform is a burdensome thing. As even if you had already invested into licenses, you anyway spend for support and subscription every 3 years an amount of money comparable to what you’d spent earlier.

We may say that that you buy one and the same licenses every 3 years anyway. And you cannot abandon it, because you need updates, patches and consultations from the vendor’s specialists. In our case, you only have to pay for the calculating powers that you actually use. The economy makes up to 30% of the amount of money you spend on the service, support and extension of your virtualization platform.

Pay only for what you use

Pay only for the actually used powers, and do not load your balance or grow CapEx. Bring joy to your financial department! This way, we will help you move from VMware onto our OpenStack cloud. Our specialists have unique experience and expertise of conducting such migrations, which they received during their work on the project with one of the largest banks in Europe.

We think you’ll enjoy our cloud offerings so much that you’ll end up using our services as a basic platform for Tier-3 tested infrastructure stability that lets you scale.

The prices at the website are in EUR without VAT.

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