Cloud Backup

Backing up business applications from the physical or virtual infrastructure of VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Virtuozzo to a reliable and safe cloud storage in the Czech Republic. Possibility of separate access to files or other granular data for any period of storage time or full automatic recovery of the entire infrastructure to the Host-Telecom cloud based on OpenStack.

easy integration

The installed agents on the servers start to back up automatically. Lack of long preparatory processes and configuration of each backup task, corporate replication in a few clicks.


Storage of backup in three copies on independent servers in the Czech data center.

low load on the Internet channel and equipment

The first time a full backup is created, and then only changes are written. With two-phase deduplication and WAN optimization, network and site utilization is reduced to 70%.


Speed of access to data during emergency recovery within 100-900 ms.

backup of all items

Virtual machines, databases, network topology.

selectable frequency of backup

Lasts from 15 minutes.

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What’s at stake

If your business has more than 20 servers, it’s imperative to perform regular data backups to offsite storage that is invulnerable to ongoing business activities.

While your onsite data backup and recovery may be technically sound, human error can wreak havoc on even a solid solution. For example, a staffer could write a script that accidentally deletes important data, such as client contacts, financial report drafts, or the entire billing system.

Compounding the problem is the time-consuming process of data recovery that may be further complicated depending on the time elapsed between introduction and discovery of the error. Data fragments become increasingly difficult to locate over time.

How our service works

As a very small-scale illustration of the services Host-Telecom provides, suppose someone steals your phone while you’re on vacation. Your backup data is on your laptop, which you resolutely left at home to really get away from things. You can buy a new phone, but without all the backup information, you’re adrift without contact information, vacation photos you never backed up, and all the other data you rely on. If you’d had a cloud backup, your new phone would be able to access all that data immediately. Instead, you’re out of luck.

In real life, if you’re an IT manager whose company’s servers have experienced data loss, you have much more serious problems. But with Host-Telecom’s enterprise-grade backup services, you can execute an immediate data restoration without a lengthy tape investigation, go home early, enjoy some personal time, and wake up to smooth sailing at work the next day.

How Host-Telecom hooks it up

To enable cloud backup, Host-Telecom installs a small pre-configured firmware module on your side to transmit reserve data copies to the cloud on the fly. Acting as a proxy, the backup system compresses, duplicates, and encrypts data for transmission to our cloud for immediate deployment in our data centre if your infrastructure is impaired. You’re ready to go without creating a backup system or laying out more money for Backup as a Service for increasing storage needs.

Host-Telecom provides the security of cloud backup. Alternatives require a time-consuming process that usually involves outdated methods such as accessing a tape backup, reading the device, and deploying a copy. The time involved can stretch from days to weeks.

You have constant access to backup data no matter what the state of your own IT infrastructure.