Cloud Backup

Backing up business applications from the physical or virtual infrastructure of VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Virtuozzo to a reliable and safe cloud storage in the Czech Republic. Possibility of separate access to files or other granular data for any period of storage time or full automatic recovery of the entire infrastructure to the cloud based on OpenStack.

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easy integration

The installed agents on the servers start to back up automatically. Lack of long preparatory processes and configuration of each backup task, corporate replication in a few clicks.


Storage of backup in three copies on independent servers in the Czech data center.

low load on the Internet channel and equipment

The first time a full backup is created, and then only changes are written. With two-phase deduplication and WAN optimization, network and site utilization is reduced to 70%.


Speed of access to data during emergency recovery within 100-900 ms.

backup of all items

Virtual machines, databases, network topology.

selectable frequency of backup

Lasts from 15 minutes.

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