Host-Telecom World Tour 2017 – Data infrastructure for the cloud

Host-Telecom World Tour 2017 – Data infrastructure for the cloud

It’s been a very busy year for Host-Telecom, though we didn’t realize when we started it out that we’d travel the world on our mission to promote the best in data infrastructure. Looking back at 2017 highlights,they are first and foremost the relationships we’ve created with customers and industry professionals as we’ve provided services ranging from data hosting to OpenStack on bare metal, Disaster Recovery, and easy VMware-to-OpenStack migration.

Our team meets rapidly changing business needs, enabling cloud services from Europe to the Middle East, North America, and all the way to Australia. If your organization is planning a move to cloud, you owe it to your business to understand the major cost-benefits of outsourcing your IT infrastructure. Host-Telecom offers solid solutions that free you to concentrate on your business while our experts take care of your particular IT needs as you grow. So let’s take a look at a few of those services and some of the cloud evangelizing Host-Telecom has taken part in this year to spread the word.

On the cloud technology trail

Most of our travels have allowed us to share the benefits of cloud and the infrastructure that supports it efficiently and economically with flexible “as a service” IT options. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), for example, is an instant compute infrastructure that Host-Telecom provisions and manages on the Internet, allowing you to scale up or down as needed, paying only for the compute time you use and allowing you to scale up and down as needed without dealing with building and maintaining your own data infrastructure.

Another example is Platform as a service (PaaS), which allows you to develop, run, and manage applications without creating the backend infrastructure they run on. Host-Telecom takes care of those needs for you, saving you the expense and technical headache involved. If you’re a business whose primary mission lies outside of IT, or a company that just wants a more efficient way to provision its services, PaaS makes life far easier and less expensive than doing everything yourself.

Stops on the cloud tour

Now we’ll take a look at the milestones on our way to offering you the best of cloud on a nimble, reliable infrastructure.

At this Czech Republic-based event early in 2017, Host-Telecom CMO Ilia Stechkin rose from the qualifying round of the innovators’ championship to share his insights on startups and data infrastructure. While software is often perceived as king, Stechkin made the case for a solid hardware platform and the importance of close communication with customers as a major key to startup success, with Forbes (Russia) publishing content from his participation in the event.

In Tel Aviv, we introduced ourselves to cloud industry leaders, including those developing and implementing OpenStack-based products. OpenStack is open source cloud software for controlling compute, storage, and networking resources in the data center with a dashboard interface or through the OpenStack API. OpenStack is compatible with popular enterprise and open source technologies, allowing users to select the best cloud solutions that evolve with users’ changing needs

You may not want to learn all the technical details, which is why our data infrastructure experts take advantage of events where we learn from the leading OpenStack software vendors, including Red Hat, Cloudify, Huawei, SUSE, and others. Based on their experience and offerings, Host-Telecom provides you with the most advanced and reliable data infrastructure services solutions to support your cloud platform.

Building on the expertise of top cloud vendors, we continued to architect Host-Telecom’s solutions at our own “Clouds without borders” conference in the Czech Republic last summer with partners Hystax and others. Having already introduced OpenStack-based services Disaster Recovery and VMware to OpenStack migration, we decided we wanted to formally join that open source cloud community and made plans to sponsor the OpenStack Sydney Summit in November. We also submitted presentation proposals, but we had a little work to do prior to the big event.

Before the Summit, one of the tasks we focused on was defining best practices for creating enterprise-level cloud object storage with open source software. With IT infrastructure top of mind, we formulated insights on hardware architecture and appropriate storage software for reliable scaling at high levels of growth. As it turns out, just adding more disks doesn’t solve storage capacity problems and instead introduces some show-stopping technical issues that are extremely difficult to fix. A a lead-in to our activities in Sydney, Host-Telecom developed protocols to avoid cloud object storage hangups and created content to share with the industry at our Data Storage Workshop held in the Czech Republic.

At this Prague-based conference, we turned our attention to several topics, including customers’ changing requirements for data center services. We also discussed the newest innovations for infrastructure reliability, as well as the importance of implementing new cloud technology and bare metal services that provide the most value to business.

Primed by our preceding activities in 2017, our journey to the November OpenStack Summit in Sydney was the powerful finale of our world cloud tour. As event sponsors, we hosted a Host-Telecom booth with product demos, conducted interviews with industry luminaries, livestreamed ongoing Summit coverage, and posted daily blogs. We spoke with OpenStack colleagues such as Boris Renski from Mirantis, OpenStack Designate PTL Graham Hayes, cloud analysts Ben Kepes and Forrester’s Paul Miller, as well as RackN founder and CEO Rob Hirschfeld. We were honored that the Summit featured our digest on its homepage during the event.

Along with our event coverage, Sales Director Vsevolod Vayner along with Hystax CEO and co-founder Nick Smirnov held a session on Host-Telecom’s VMware to OpenStack migration service and fielded questions on all the technical details. In turn, Marketing Manager Denise Boehm gave a presentation based on our work for building scalable cloud object storage, including advice on IT infrastructure and best uses for OpenStack Swift storage software.

The Summit was a great opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to the OpenStack community. We enjoyed our year getting to know our new friends and look forward to a 2018 full of enriching events as we continue developing IT infrastructure technology that makes cloud a simple and efficient business solution. Stay in touch for new developments and the real scoop on how they work to make your business processes simpler and more efficient. Meanwhile, in case you miss it, check out our special holiday promotions. Happy New Year!


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