Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our friends and congratulations on the incoming eastern zodiac’s Year of the Earth Dog! As we transition from 2017’s Year of the Fire Rooster, we look back at its global changes and technical breakthroughs, including new approaches for managing IT infrastructure, Host-Telecom’s specialty.

By contrast, the Earth Dog promises cozy functionality, simplicity, friendship, and security, much like a dog protects the house. So as we welcomed the fast-changing pace of technology in the last year, we now turn more attention than ever to balancing it with reliable, proven services that allow you to grow and innovate with peace of mind provided by maximized security and heightened functionality.

When you work with Host-Telecom, you’re prepared for malware takeover attempts, targeted cyberattacks, DDoS, and other security threats with timely data and infrastructure backups in the cloud. Our specialized data protection services and proactive performance monitoring quickly detect and report unusual activity in your environment to our infrastructure experts for immediate action to mitigate your risk and enable deployment of your entire infrastructure with minimal downtime in case of intrusion.

Take advantage of the most up-to-date technology and the full management services we provide so you can build your business, interact with your customers, develop software, test hardware, establish flexible processes, and even play computer games safely. A world in which you can do what you love securely is a better world, and that is my wish for you in 2018.

Pavel Chernobrov, Host-Telecom.com CEO

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