Host-Telecom at OpenStack Summit

November 6-8, 2017 in Sydney, Australia

Your personal gateway to all things OpenStack Summit Sydney

You’re telling me to keep my hope
Cause you’ve got a heart of gold
But maybe you should let me go
I’ll love you through a periscope

Papa Roach

Welcome to Host-Telecom’s coverage of the OpenStack Sydney Summit!

In addition to sponsoring the event, we are also sharing event news as it happens, with video interviews of OpenStack experts and their perspectives. Check us out each morning for our daily coverage schedules and check back throughout the day for news updates and evening summaries.

We’re also sharing Host-Telecom’s latest developments for OpenStack on bare metal as well as OpenStack-based tools for data backup, disaster recovery, and VMware to OpenStack migration. Join us for all the latest right here!

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Ilya Stechkin

Ph.D., Head of Marketing
Ilya Stechkin
Denise Boehm

Denise Boehm

Senior Marketing & OpenStack Community Manager





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