Happy Blog Day!

Happy Blog Day!

31.08, according to many users of LiveJournal, is very similar to the word "Blog", and therefore, since 2005, when these observations were formed into serious action, a new holiday was created — the Blog Day! So, dear bloggers, as well as all the others who somehow relate to the topic of blogs — we congratulate you on the holiday!

Celebrating the Blog Day is accompanied by a tradition — on this day you need to share 5 links to other blogs, in order to expand the horizons of your readers and to maintain the information cycle in the universe. We are happy to follow the established tradition and present to your attention our list of blogs!

  1. Source Code in TV and Films ( https://moviecode.tumblr.com/ ) — this blog collecting images of code from movies and TV shows.

    Source Code in TV and Films

    The blog contains a great many screenshots and comments to them, from which you can find out, for example, that in the "Iron Sky" movie on the computer screen showed nothing more than AdaptiveFilterSample.java from Smart GWT framework.

  2. The Clean Code Blog ( http://blog.cleancoder.com/ ) — blog by Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin), where the idea of the pure code is the mainstream.

    The Clean Code Blog

    Philosophical reflections and technical questions, such as Functional Programming vs. Object-Oriented Programming or The Brain Problem (highly efficient analog computer).

  3. DataCenter Knowledge ( https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/ ) — articles, news and analysis about the data center industry.

    DataCenter Knowledge

    You want to learn about Liquid Cooling in Data Centers? Or something about Supercomputers? They have it.

  4. HowtoForge ( https://www.howtoforge.com/ ) — this blog is a collection of manuals for Linux.


    In the blog, you can find such articles as the installation guide for the Netdata Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or explanation of setting up your own name service (DNS) with ISPConfig.

  5. Freedom to Tinker ( https://freedom-to-tinker.com/ ) — a blog of authors from Princeton on digital technologies in everyday life.

    Freedom to Tinker

    The articles deal with different aspects of life in the context of contact with digital technologies. Also, they try to explain and demystify common misconceptions. What the Dark Web is? How can be done the exfiltration fo the data from the browser using battery discharge information? You can find answers to these and other questions in this blog.

Read, deepen your knowledge, and we are always happy to provide you with support and a reliable IT infrastructure for your projects! We wish you a Happy Blog Day!


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