All packed for Sydney and ready to meet the community!

All packed for Sydney and ready to meet the community!

Host-Telecom is very excited to join the OpenStack community at the OpenStack Sydney Summit next week to share our IT infrastructure solutions with you and learn about the initiatives you are engaged in as well. We’ll go into more details about our bare metal options and discuss how we’ve built our OpenStack-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions while creating a rapid migration path from VMware to OpenStack.

Why OpenStack on bare metal?

We want to extend the OpenStack user base so that more organizations have access to a powerful platform that helps them scale with flexibility without going broke paying for the license and support fees of commercial platforms. The Linux agents we provide for data backup and disaster recovery work across multiple platforms, and enable data and infrastructure replication that runs on OpenStack in the background. The same technology paves the way for seamless VMware to OpenStack migration.

Learn more

Stop by our booth to discuss details and see a demo of our solutions. Or just mosey on over for a friendly chat and tell us about your organization, what you’re doing, and the issues you’re addressing. We’re as interested in learning from you as we are in talking about us.

And if you do want to learn a bit more about Host-Telecom, join us at our Tuesday and Wednesday presentations that address, respectively, OpenStack migration and building Swift Object Storage infrastructure that scales.

And that’s not all!

You may see our team out and about interviewing OpenStack experts in hallway interviews. Stop by the Host-Telecom table and set up a time for us to talk to you about your community activity. While we don’t have elaborate production values, we are interested in your views about the technology, the market needs you’re addressing, and other activities you have going. Contact team members Denise Boehm and Ilia Stechkin to learn more.

Enter for a chance to fly the friendly Sydney skies

Yes, you’re in Sydney for business, but you should also have some fun. Want to see the best of Sydney and the coast? Drop your card at our table, and we’ll select a winner for a helicopter tour of the city harbor and surrounding beaches that should be a real bucket-list experience. Either I or the employee who annoys me least while in Sydney will join you at the pickup location the morning following the Summit.

Hope to meet you in Sydney! Host-Telecom is looking forward to talking to you.


Pavel Chernobrov
CEO, Host-Telecom

Pavel Chernobrov


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