How To Connect To Cloud Storage Using FTP/SFTP

How To Connect To Cloud Storage Using FTP/SFTP
  • FTP port: 21
  • SFTP port: 8022
  • Address:

If you have only one project, or want to use the default project, you can only specify: SWIFTUSER

The storage functionality allows you to connect to containers that you have access (multi-user access) to. To do this, you can specify:


Be sure to specify the name of the container that you have access to, in the form of a folder /CONTAINER NAME.


Alternatively, you can specify the name of the container in the FTP client settings: Directories - Remote Directory - /collaboration

The following functionality is implemented on the FTP server for the storage:

  1. File upload. If the file download is interrupted for any reason, you can resume downloading the file in RESUME mode
  2. Multithreading when loading data. All objects are loaded in multiple threads, which speeds up loading several times.
  3. Storage mode for objects of unlimited size (DLO — dynamic large object). If you upload files via FTP to the backup container, they are always of the DLO type. And, if the size of the object is displayed as 0 bytes when using any client, it does not mean that the object is empty. The fact is that the object segments are located in a different folder, and in order to save server resources, the size calculation is not performed.
  4. SLO object storage mode (static object size). The FTP server creates these objects in any containers other than backup. The size of such objects cannot exceed 64 GB.
  5. Due to the need to segment large files (larger than 1 GB), an additional container is always created for segments, with the _segments or +segments postfix in its name. Attention! Please do not delete or modify these containers yourself, otherwise the contents of the files will not be consistent.

All of the above applies only to the FTP server. All other methods of accessing the repository are intended for third party clients.

If you have any questions, please contact technical support at:

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