Vote to save on Disaster Recovery

Vote to save on Disaster Recovery

We are pleased to announce that OpenStack Sydney Summit voting is now open! Host-Telecom staff, working with our partners at Hystax and ATLEX, have submitted five compelling proposals that we hope will become finalists. We thank Denis Vidlichev, Seva Vayner & Nickolay Smirnov, Vladimir Melega & Maxim Bozhenko, Anton Porabkovich and Nikita Kivrosheev for their efforts and hope they all make it to Sydney!

The deadline to vote is Tuesday, August 1 at 23:59 (US) Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)/Wednesday, August 2 at 6:59am UTC, although we suggest voting immediately. We hope to really influence the agenda at the Summit and your support for these proposals can make a huge difference.

After initial voting, the OpenStack panel chairpeople will decide the finalists, taking the popular vote into strong consideration in their selections.

To vote:

  1. Make sure you are signed into OpenStack at
  2. Click the links below.
  3. For each presentation, click the “Would love to see” box.
  4. Type “3” on your keyboard, then Enter.
  5. The vote tally will not be displayed, but your vote will be counted.


  1. Migrate to OpenStack from VMware without freaking out your IT Department - Seva Vayner and Nickolay Smirnov (Enterprise Category)
  2. Skip Murano requirements and increase IT efficiency with customized Puppet application catalogs - Anton Porabkovich (Architecture & Operations Category)
  3. Stay live while moving from hardware environment to OpenStack cloud - Vladimir Melega and Maxim Bozhenko (Architecture & Operations Category)
  4. Use Ironic to create a customer-accessible data usage monitoring system - Nikita Krivosheev (Architecture & Operations 2 Category)
  5. Automatic OpenStack installation and remote management on bare metal - Denis Vidishchev (Cloud & OpenStack 101 Category)


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