Virtual data center: IP addresses

Virtual data center: IP addresses

You can only access your cloud instance from an external network if you have associated with it an external IP address (Floating IP).

These addresses are not allocated automatically. The external IP address of your VM must be associated with the internal one.

To assign an external IP address to your instance, go to the PROJECTCOMPUTEINSTANCES section and select ASSOCIATE FLOATING IP from the drop-down menu next to the instance name.


In the window that opens, click «+» under IP ADDRESS.

Floating IP Assignment Management

In the next window, click ALLOCATE IP, and then you will be immediately re-directed to the previous page.

Allocate external IP

An available white IP will appear in the IP ADDRESS drop-down list, which you can allocate to the port of your VM. To complete the setup, click ASSOCIATE.

Floating IP Assignment Management

Read more about creating instances and configuring the network for your project here.

Sometimes you may need to allocate an external IP address to the instance's network interface without using SNAT. To do this, you can rent a subnet from us.

Attention! When renting a subnet, three addresses will be used for service purposes: the network address, the default gateway, and the broadcast address. If you use DHCP, 2 more addresses will be used for DHCP agents (primary and backup).

The cost of the subnet for rental resources in Europe:

Subnet Number of IP addresses in the subnet IP for a VM without DHCP IP for VM with DHCP Cost, Euro
/30 4 1 0 8
/29 8 5 3 16
/28 16 13 11 32
/27 32 29 27 64

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