How to fix IPMI issues using Cold Reset

How to fix IPMI issues using Cold Reset

You can face the following issues if IPMI web-interface of your servers freezes:

  • Virtual Media ISO files mounting works incorrectly
  • IPMI web-interface does not work or works incorrectly
  • Java applet does not start or starts incorrectly
  • Java-applet doest not connect to console or connects incorrectly

You can reset IPMI using your account’s dashboard or IPMIView app

How to reset IPMI using your account dashboard

Use the following steps to reset IPMI from your account’s dashboard:

  1. log in to your account
  2. Go to Servers and equipment menu (on the left)
  3. Push reset button in actions column
  4. Create IPMI cold reset task and run it
create task

Attention! You will reset IPMI controller only, not your server.

How to reset IPMI using IPMIView app.

You can download IPMIView using official website or FTP-server.

UI may slightly differ in different versions

IPMI Device

Run IPMIView app and then choose IPMI device tab at the bottom.

On the screen you'll see Cold Reset button. If you push it, the IPMI controller will be reset (your server will be not).

Cold Reset

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