How do you bill for the traffic? Do you have unlimited plans?

How do you bill for the traffic? Do you have unlimited plans?

We offer plans that are a good balance between server capacity and uplink. It can be a specific amount of data or bandwidth available per month.

The following plans are available right now:

  • unlimited data on 100 Mbit/s link - works for rack and dedicated server;
  • 10Tb data on 1 Gbit/s link for a dedicated server;
  • 20 Tb on 1 Gbit/s link or 10 Tb data on 10Gbit/s link for a rack.

We do not count european or international traffic. You should not maintain a specific rate of incoming/outgoing traffic.

If you’re on a limited plan - it means your incoming and outgoing traffic are summed up.

If you reached the limit - dont worry, we will not block or throttle you.

We will let you know beforehand that you’re approaching the limit. You’ll have time to decide - either to get more traffic or switch to an unlimited plan.

If you got unlimited plan - you have ‘all you can eat’ data limited only by your port speed.

We do not have any type of traffic limits, including shapers, FUP (fair usage policy) and network oversell.

Our ultimate goal is to grow together with our customers and hence we’re not interested in one-time tricks.

We have open peering policy and are seeking for the best connectivity.

Unfortunately, we cannt guarantee bandwidth in public Internet (between our datacenters and your endpoint). It’s just not possible because it depends on many different carriers.

In our internal network as well as between our data-centers, all traffic is free and unlimited.

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