Can users from Turkmenistan use our services?

Can users from Turkmenistan use our services?

Residents of Turkmenistan who want to rent our servers for VPN often reach out to us. We have collected the most frequently asked questions and prepared detailed answers.

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram messengers, and many other services are blocked in Turkmenistan. On top of that, individual IP addresses and entire subnets are blocked. Can I use your servers to set up a VPN for Turkmenistan?

    We strongly discourage using our services to create a VPN on the territory of Turkmenistan! And here is why:

    • according to our sources, IP addresses used for VPN in Turkmenistan are blocked within the first few days. Therefore, VPN services paid for on an hourly or daily basis are a better option to not waste money in vain. The minimum period for which you can rent our virtual servers is 1 month;
    • we do not select IP addresses upon order of a VPS. The issued address may already be blocked in Turkmenistan. We cannot guarantee that the VPS you ordered will have an IP address that is not blocked in Turkmenistan;
    • we do not perform a free or regular quick change of IP addresses on servers. Therefore, we recommend that you use services that specialize in providing VPN services.
  2. If the IP address on my server is blocked, can you change it for free?

    Sorry, but no. Blocking IP addresses in your country is not a reason for changing an IP address for free.

  3. I want to pay to change the IP address. Is it easy to do?

    You can purchase a new IP address, but you will have to change the IP address on your VPS. If you don't know how to do that, you will need to reinstall the operating system through the server control panel, but then all the data and server configuration will be deleted. To save them, you can contact us for a system administration service provided on a paid basis.

  4. Is it possible to ping your IP addresses to find out if they are blocked or not?

    We have a large IP pool for servers. However, no one can guarantee which address will be assigned to your server at the time of the order. This makes any testing pointless since it will not guarantee that the IP will be accessible from Turkmenistan.

  5. Is it possible to check if the IP address is blocked or not?

    Unfortunately, we do not have official block lists. Therefore, like any other hosting provider, we learn about the problem of blocking by the authorities of Turkmenistan only after users complain that the IP has stopped being available.

  6. I ordered a VPS, but the IP address is already blocked. I paid for the change, but the new one is also blocked. Can all your addresses be blocked?

    The more clients use our VPS to set up a VPN in Turkmenistan, and the more carelessly they do it, the more IP addresses are blocked and the more difficult it is to get an unblocked one.

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