cPanel Control Panel is the most popular tool to easily turn a private server into a fully automated hosting system. With its assistance, complex server management procedures can be automated in an easy and intuitive web interface.

cPanel has a multi-level differentiation of access to administration functions, which allows for flexible management at the levels of Administrator, Reseller or the End User.

With the help of cPanel website owners can:

  • Download and manage web pages.
  • Create e-mail accounts and web mail.
  • Install web applications such as blogs, e-shops, forums, etc.
  • Generate and view visitor statistics.
  • View the error log to identify dead links or other problems, etc.

With the help of cPanel server administrators can:

  • Create and edit client accounts.
  • Receive alerts regarding server problems.
  • Create and apply different hosting plans.
  • Block spam.
  • Manage graphics in the client interface, etc.

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