ispmanager is a popular multifunctional server control panel with a simple and intuitive interface. You can create a new user, site, domain, mailbox or perform another operation with your server in just a few clicks.

For your convenience, ispmanager has a multi-level system of access rights for server users. Due to this sharing of access, you can use ispmanager for private projects or provide professional hosting services.

With ispmanager users get:

  • Diverse functionality for managing a server or user account.
  • Ease of transferring accounts between hosting with ispmanager.
  • Convenient organization of the control panel interface.
  • Multilingual interface and documentation.
  • Several types of interface design selectable.
  • Flash video training.

With ispmanager system administrators get:

  • Support for various operating systems.
  • Work with different types of software: various versions of the web server, mail server, database server, etc.
  • Minimal use of system resources.
  • Possibility to modify configuration files via shell.
  • A multi-level system of access rights, which permits users to independently create domains, sites, mailboxes, etc., within the framework of quotas assigned and the policy defined by Administrator.
  • Round-the-clock support for resolving any issues related to the ispmanager panel.
  • Regular revision and updating of the software product to the latest version of ispmanager.

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