Rent racks and servers in our datacenter

Renting a server is a good choice that leaves your free to concentrate on your business without dealing with the IT infrastructure. You pay for a given server and leave the service to Host-Telecom. Should you outgrow your initial rental agreement solution, you can rent a more powerful server or an entire rack of servers. The original rental fee drops from your account when you add other servers. You can also continue renting software, which software companies only permit on rented servers.You leave all server maintenance to Host-Telecom as part of our rental agreement.

Rent a rack

Big companies with complex IT infrastructure often need to rent rack space. If you have already decided to invest in buying server hardware, but are looking for first-class hosting to the highest global standards, this offer is for you. We will provide uninterrupted power supply and dual fibre routes, monitoring systems, fire protection, storage space for server parts, and can provide emergency repairs and replacement parts if necessary. We understand that the more equipment you have, the higher the risks of operating it. We will help you reduce these risks to a minimum.

Rent your rack

Server partners is proud to partner with Dell, HPe and SuperMicro, three of the largest global server manufacturers in the industry. We have an official hardware service agreement with these vendors and are adding more partners to this program.