Rent our servers on your site

Need to rent on your site with full data centre support? Keep your hardware close at hand with complete support from Host-Telecom.

Whether you’re getting your start as a hosting provider or you’re a medium-large business whose budget doesn’t always stretch to accommodate fluctuating demands for compute power, Host-Telecom can provide the services you need when you need them.

You face a couple of major challenges when renting servers. First, because most data centres require their servers to be placed on their own sites, but it could be prohibited according to your internal corporate policies, for example.

A completely different challenge emerges if you host your own servers. With your own servers onsite, you bear all the responsibility for network configuration and maintenance, including complex electrical wiring that becomes increasingly intricate as you as you add more servers.

When setting up a network environment, let’s say that your your company typically uses SuperMicro servers, for example. When you include vendor maintenance or third-party integration, the additional charges range from about 15-30% of the server cost.

As a bulk server buyer, we offer the same products and services at greatly reduced rates while providing the engineering expertise to install and maintain the compute environment. We pass the savings to you for an unbeatable data centre solution tailored to your needs.

Our strategic location in the heart of Europe coupled with a reliable transportation fleet and close proximity to major arterials allows us to reach any city in Central Europe in a matter of hours.

Need to rent servers on your own site with full data centre services? Keep your hardware close at hand with complete support from Host-Telecom as we deliver the computing power, outstanding data processing, and storage capabilities you need without the expense and complex logistics of building your own private technology infrastructure. Renting servers from Host-Telecom not only saves you time and money, it also provides 24×7 support from our data centre experts who continually update the solution to provide best-in-class service.