Cloud Storage Cloud Storage — accommodation and accelerated delivery of website or web application data. A reliable service for developers and large companies just from 0.027 euro per GB per month!

Calculation of cost

Outbound traffic price

Public Object Storage

0.014 €/GB

Local Object Storage

0 €/GB

Calculated TB = 1000 GB.



Incoming traffic is free.


Unlimited number of requests (PUT/GET/DEL/etc).


Data is stored in multiple copies on independent servers.


Secure connection over encrypted data channels.


Download files at up to 900 Mbit/s.


Access via the OpenStack Swift API, S3 API, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Samba/CIFS, FUSE s3fs/swiftfs/curlftpfs.


SLA guarantees access to data for 99.98% of the time.


Professional technical support is available around the clock in English, Czech, and Russian.


Reliable fail-safe storage in the data center, built in accordance with the requirements of Tier III.

How to reduce the cost?

Optimize the size of the files — images, code. If possible, store the data in an archived form.

Keep track of the relevance of data in the repository. Delete older versions after updating the content.

Combine storages, for example: in the local store backups, and through a public give out the current content.

Additional Features

  • Ability to add your own headers of objects (files).
  • Ability to set restrictions on the total amount of information and time of file storage.
  • The ability to distribute content through public containers.
  • The possibility of linking domains of the 2nd level for static sites and 3rd level for individual resources to public containers.
  • Storage of data in private containers protected by login and password.
  • Teamwork and Access Control List for container.
  • The ability to create public links for downloading files without the need to register.
The prices at the website are in EUR without VAT.

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